The Helix Pond Skimmer


BENEFITS of the Helix Pond Skimmer

  • Fish Friendly
  • Helical Flow creates a vacuum & stacks debris in Heavy Duty Basket
  • Compact unit easy to install and disguise in the landscape
  • Self Adjusting floating Water Level
  • Superior Skimming ability with a 15″ circular weir
  • Large flat Panels for auto fill installs
  • Automatic water-fill will not be fooled into working

FEATURES of the Helix Pond Skimmer

  • Floating Weir
  • Heavy Duty 8″ tall by 8″ in Diameter
  • Heavy Duty Roto Molded Body
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Made in America
  • High Quality Plumbing Parts
  • Great for Submersible or External Pumps


  • Auto fill assembly
  • Overflow Kit
  • Media pad
  • Faceplate Extension
  • High Capacity Leaf Debris Basket
The Helix Life Pond Skimmer Item # MSRP
Helix Pond Skimmer – Plumbed for External Pump extHPS $499.99
Helix Pond Skimmer – Plumbed for Submersible Pump subHPS $499.99
Helix Floating Weir HEX-SPG-601-0038 $21.99
Helix Debris Basket Skimmer 8″ HEX-SPG-601-0037 $22.99
Helix Debris Basket Skimmer 16″ HEXB16 $64.99
Helix Debris Basket Skimmer 24″ HEXB24 $79.99
Helix Basket Plate/External HEXPLATE-X $59.00
Helix Basket Plate/Submersible HEXPLATE-S $59.00
Helix Blue Matala HEXRBLU $18.99
Helix Autofill Kit Complete 2335 $48.00
Helix Autofill Kit 1418 $29.99

*Pricing subject to change without notice

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Helix Pond Digger Instructions PDF