Helix Pond Contractor of the Year

Helix Pond Contractor of the Year – 2017

Hector Mardueño

The Pond Contractor of the Year from Helix Life Support is a coveted award captured by Hector Mardueño Congratulations!!

Who will be awarded the 2018 Pond Contractor of the Year Award?

The 2017 HELIX Pond Contractor of the Year will be announced and recognized in February 2018!

This is anyone’s Award to capture; BUT NOT JUST ANYONE will win!

Are you installing amazing water features? Are you volunteering your time and energy for the benefit of the pond industry? Are you a well-rounded water feature specialist? Do you teach and promote pond care, service, installation and maintenance? Do you have pond water running through your veins? Are you a #HelixHead? Then the award could be yours!

We will be honoring an Authorized Helix Contractor that is dedicated to the craft of waterscapes! Someone with a high quality of workmanship, PASSION & diverse in the art of pond design & construction! A Renaissance Pond Man or Woman!

This Helix Pond Contractor will have outstanding customer service, offer “voluntary” community service and is emerged in the growth and develop of not only his or her business but the water feature industry as a whole.

This Prestigious Award will be bestowed upon a waterscape visionary that the entire Helix Nation is proud to have in our network.

The winner will have ONE FULL YEAR bragging rights from the platform of the Helix Life Support website and will receive Customized Company T-Shirts with The Helix Pond Contractor of the Year ICON next to their company name!!!

This Award will be a fantastic Marketing Piece for the Talented Contractor who proves themselves to their peers for MANY YEARS to come!

Could it be you?